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DccmServer Class Reference

#include <dccmserver.h>

Inheritance diagram for DccmServer:

TCPServerSocket TCPSocket NetSocket Descriptor

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Detailed Description

Volker Christian

Definition at line 36 of file dccmserver.h.

Public Types

enum  eventType { READ = 0, WRITE, EXCEPTION }

Public Member Functions

virtual TCPAcceptedSocketaccept ()
virtual bool close ()
 Closes the descriptor.
bool dataPending (int sec, int usec) const
 Check if data are pending to read.
 DccmServer (TCPAcceptedSocketFactory *tasf, u_int16_t port=DCCM_PORT, std::string interfaceName="")
std::string getConfiguredLocalInterfaceName () const
uint16_t getConfiguredLocalPort () const
int getDescriptor () const
 Returns the integer value which represents the descriptor by the underlying Operating System.
std::string getLocalAddress () const
std::string getLocalInterfaceName () const
uint16_t getLocalPort () const
struct sockaddr_in getLocalSinAddr () const
virtual bool listen (int backlog=5)
bool operator< (const Descriptor &descriptor) const
 Lesser-operator on the descriptor base.
ssize_t readNumBytes (unsigned char *buffer, size_t number) const
bool setBlocking ()
bool setNonBlocking ()
bool setReadTimeout (int sec, int usec)
bool setWriteTimeout (int sec, int usec)
virtual bool shutdown ()
bool writable (int sec, int usec)

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool bind ()
virtual void event (Descriptor::eventType et)
void setDescriptor (int descriptor)
virtual bool socket ()

Protected Attributes

std::string interfaceName
struct sockaddr_in localAddress
uint16_t port
SynceSocket * socket
const TCPAcceptedSocketFactorytcpAcceptedSocketFactory

Static Protected Attributes

static int FFALSE = 0
static int FTRUE = 1
static unsigned long int INADDRANY = INADDR_ANY

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