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Descriptor Class Reference

#include <descriptor.h>

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NetSocket LocalSocket TCPSocket UDPSocket LocalConnectedSocket LocalServerSocket TCPConnectedSocket TCPServerSocket LocalAcceptedSocket LocalClientSocket LocalServer TCPAcceptedSocket TCPClientSocket DccmServer SynCEClient

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Detailed Description

Representation of a network descriptor.

This class represents an network descriptor and provides methods to manipulate the behaviour of the socket. A descriptor represented by this class could be managed by a DescriptorManager. It this managing DescriptorManager is one of the three DescriptorManagers of the Multiplexer, the working method event(enum eventType et) is automatically called if an event has occured on the descriptor.

Volker Christian

Definition at line 43 of file descriptor.h.

Public Types

enum  eventType { READ = 0, WRITE, EXCEPTION }

Public Member Functions

virtual bool close ()
 Closes the descriptor.
bool dataPending (int sec, int usec) const
 Check if data are pending to read.
 Descriptor (const Descriptor &descriptor, bool releaseFromManager=false)
 Copy constructor with the additional ability to release it from the DescriptorManager.
 Descriptor ()
 Default constructor.
int getDescriptor () const
 Returns the integer value which represents the descriptor by the underlying Operating System.
bool operator< (const Descriptor &descriptor) const
 Lesser-operator on the descriptor base.
Descriptoroperator= (const Descriptor &descriptor)
 The assignment-operator.
ssize_t readNumBytes (unsigned char *buffer, size_t number) const
bool writable (int sec, int usec)
virtual ~Descriptor ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void event (enum eventType et)=0
void setDescriptor (int descriptor)

Static Private Member Functions

static bool sortcrit (const Descriptor *d1, const Descriptor *d2)

Private Attributes

int descriptor


class DescriptorManager

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