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NetSocket Member List

This is the complete list of members for NetSocket, including all inherited members.

close()Descriptor [virtual]
dataPending(int sec, int usec) const Descriptor
Descriptor(const Descriptor &descriptor, bool releaseFromManager=false)Descriptor
event(enum eventType et)=0 (defined in Descriptor)Descriptor [protected, pure virtual]
eventType enum name (defined in Descriptor)Descriptor
EXCEPTION enum value (defined in Descriptor)Descriptor
getDescriptor() const Descriptor
NetSocket() (defined in NetSocket)NetSocket
operator<(const Descriptor &descriptor) const Descriptor [inline]
operator=(const Descriptor &descriptor)Descriptor [inline]
READ enum value (defined in Descriptor)Descriptor
readNumBytes(unsigned char *buffer, size_t number) const (defined in Descriptor)Descriptor
setBlocking() (defined in NetSocket)NetSocket
setDescriptor(int descriptor) (defined in Descriptor)Descriptor [protected]
setNonBlocking() (defined in NetSocket)NetSocket
setReadTimeout(int sec, int usec) (defined in NetSocket)NetSocket
setWriteTimeout(int sec, int usec) (defined in NetSocket)NetSocket
writable(int sec, int usec) (defined in Descriptor)Descriptor
WRITE enum value (defined in Descriptor)Descriptor
~Descriptor()Descriptor [virtual]
~NetSocket() (defined in NetSocket)NetSocket

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