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SynCEClient Class Reference

#include <synceclient.h>

Inheritance diagram for SynCEClient:

LocalAcceptedSocket LocalConnectedSocket LocalSocket NetSocket Descriptor

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Detailed Description

Volker Christian

Definition at line 32 of file synceclient.h.

Public Types

enum  eventType { READ = 0, WRITE, EXCEPTION }

Public Member Functions

virtual bool close ()
 Closes the descriptor.
bool dataPending (int sec, int usec) const
 Check if data are pending to read.
bool deviceConnected (std::string &name)
bool deviceDisconnected (std::string &name)
bool deviceRequestsPassword (std::string &name)
void disconnect ()
int getDescriptor () const
 Returns the integer value which represents the descriptor by the underlying Operating System.
std::string getLocalPath () const
struct sockaddr_un getRemoteSunAddr () const
const LocalServerSocketgetServerSocket () const
bool isConnected () const
bool operator< (const Descriptor &descriptor) const
 Lesser-operator on the descriptor base.
bool passwordRejected (std::string &name)
ssize_t readNumBytes (unsigned char *buffer, size_t number) const
bool setBlocking ()
bool setNonBlocking ()
bool setReadTimeout (int sec, int usec)
bool setWriteTimeout (int sec, int usec)
virtual bool shutdown ()
 SynCEClient (int fd, LocalServerSocket *localServerSocket)
bool writable (int sec, int usec)
bool writeToClient (char command, std::string &name)

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool bind ()
virtual void event (Descriptor::eventType et)
void newDevidddceConnected (std::string name)
void setConnected (const bool connected)
void setDescriptor (int descriptor)
void setServerSocket (const LocalServerSocket *localServerSocket)
bool setSocket (int fd)
virtual bool socket ()

Protected Attributes

struct sockaddr_un localAddress
std::string path

Static Protected Attributes

static int FFALSE = 0
static int FTRUE = 1

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